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  • Latest Updates
    Introduction to this section2:12
    Character & Paragraph Styles8:21
    Smart Objects explained3:05
    How to use a Smart Object3:51
    How to create a realistic mockup with Smart Objects2:09
    How to use Adobe Generator3:47
    How to use Layer Comps5:47
    Layer Comps with Smart Objects1:51
  • Introduction - My Story
    Introduction - My Story6:11
  • The basics
    System requirements & best settings7:48
    Color management5:35
    Color management quiz
    Photoshop version comparison14:25
    Piracy & stealing3:07
    Monitors: best panel types, resolution, brand, size8:31
    Monitor Quiz
    Web design just in Photoshop, no coding3:05
    What you need to know about Photoshop5:49
    How to monetize the skills you are about to learn5:35
    Grid systems5:06
    Grid system quiz
    Setting up your workspace2:55
    Topics I won't cover in depth1:51
  • The principles
    Communicate effectively6:31
    Communicate effectively quiz
    A website must tell a story and create an atmosphere10:49
    Simply & clean or highly detailed?5:25
    How to understand the clients' needs9:05
    All about inspiration6:44
    Exercise: Inspiration
    Hands on: How I get my inspiration8:47
    Step by step approach4:55
    Hands-on: Using the step by step approach to create an icon19:43
    All about wireframes8:23
    All about wireframes quiz
    The role of imagery, stock photos and free photos9:12
    Custom Graphics6:10
    Hands-on: Creating custom graphics14:21
    Alignment tools4:18
    Symmetry, proper spacing and white space12:35
    Working with a brief6:50
    Working on a ‘small project’4:56
    What ‘simple, modern, clean’ & other client terms actually mean9:02
    Using layer styles the right way19:32
    The pitfalls of your imagination4:29
    Understanding contrast7:26
    Using freebies & the meaning of being a designer12:05
    Optimizing your layers panel8:11
    Hands on: How to organize a messy project18:24
    Dummy content4:34
    Logo design5:45
    The importance of speed6:29
    Choosing the right projects5:30
    Pricing guide for your work10:52
    How to constantly get better4:57
  • Typography tips, tricks and techniques
    Best sources for fonts8:21
    The Character Panel11:57
    How to identify a font4:47
    Mixing fonts5:33
    Typography tips, tricks and techniques12:41
  • The project
    Introduction & project description9:32
    Setting the layout4:12
    Putting in content6:26
    Creating the header16:02
    Creating the hero area11:22
    Creating the content area12:49
    Creating the testimonial and footer areas12:04
  • Flat design project
    Flat design: definition, examples, flat animations, history, skeuomorphism10:25
    Avoid these flat design mistakes5:35
    Building a flat website - Introduction1:28
    Building a flat website – Creating the header6:46
    Building a flat website – Creating the central point9:24
    Building a flat website – Testimonials and CTAs9:06
    Building a flat website – Finishing up with the footer4:41
  • Final conclusions
    Final conclusions1:11
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    Download all resources here
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Master the Entire Web Design Process to Build Responsive, Dynamic Sites & Apps in 5 Courses

Barin Cristian Doru


Barin Cristian Doru is a web designer with 5+ years experience. He started out by designing and coding complete websites, then started learning Photoshop so he could focus only on design. After ample practice, he became a fast, efficient designer capable of creating stunning website designs in no time. Additionally, Barin is an entrepreneur having started his first business at 18 and today running multiple online businesses: an online shop, a web design business, an app creation studio for Android devices, and more.


Here's a surefire way to increase your desirability by employers everywhere: learning and improving at professional Web design skills. Take advantage of Photoshop as a design tool, using it to apply key design principles such as how to work with white space, utilize contrast, design logos, and more. Upon finishing this course, you'll be fully acquainted with how to create sleek, stunning designs that work as beautifully as they look.

  • Master Photoshop foundations & important web design principles w/ 9 hours of content
  • Design custom graphics & icons, then incorporate them in your work
  • Understand where to source fonts & graphics, plus how to implement them
  • Plan & wireframe website layouts that follow the principles of good design
  • Consolidate your knowledge & skills by completing 2 projects
  • Access resources like PSD files, a cheat sheet, website templates & more
  • Build impressive websites, craft a killer portfolio & accrue clients


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime access
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: intermediate


  • Internet required
  • Photoshop required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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